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Prepayment are required for all orders. You can choose one of following payment methods to pay for your order(s).


Westernunion is a well known internationl money transfer company. Some buyers like sending payment through western union because of it's convenience. This company has lots of agents in different countries and regions. It's very conveinent and fast.

Find a local western union from it's website, and visit a western union agent nearby to send transfer.
We don't suggest to send online transfer through western union website because it has very strict conditions for online transfer.

Western union will return a number called MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) when you complete the transfer. For more details, please visit it's website.

After we confirm your order, you can check our western union information.

Tips: If this is the first time you send payment by western union, Western Union may ask if you know us, you can say yes! otherwise they will refuse to let you send the payment or hold the transfer.


MoneyGram is also very convenient, fast.

Find local agents from it's website by providing your street address, city or postal code, and choose a close one to transfer payment to us.
We don't suggest to send online transfer through moneygram website.

Please kindly inform us the reference number (8 digits) and sender's full name after send payment, we can pick up your transfer in 10 minutes.

After we confirm your order, you will get our MoneyGram information.

T/T (Bank Wire Transfer)
We accept bank transfers from all the countries around the world include the countries/regions where MoneyGram and western union don't provide services. The payment send by bank wire transfer will arrive our account within 2-4 days.

After we confirm your order, you can check our bank information.

Please contact your bank to query the details about how to send international transfer.

Provide our bank information to your bank to process the transfer, it's better to instruct your bank to add your name as comments.

Make sure the amount is correct. You need to pay for fee of bank wire transfer, don't worry about the cost, it's cheaper than MoneyGram and western union.

Ask your bank for a receipt showing the details of the transfer instruction. Email us a copy of the bank transfer receipt once you get it, so we can arrange the stock for you in advance. Once your payment received and confirmed, your parcel can be ship out immediately.

We guarantee to confirm your payment within 8 hours after payment received.

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